Splitsvilla 12 - Episode 19

To watch the full episode of 'Splitsvilla Season 12' anytime, Download the Voot app now or visit https://www.voot.com/shows/splitsvilla/12/816085/sambhav-soundarya-face-the-oracle/881578 Love at first sight? Scratch that. More like Love at first SWIPE! The 12th epic season of Splitsvilla is all set to change the rules of modern dating. 10 fiery girls and 15 hot guys are here to find their perfect match, and with the sizzling Sunny Leone and Rannvijay mentoring them every step of the way, the fun has only just begun! From hot hookups to dramatic breakups and shocking controversies, this season will leave you asking for more. Watch all the unseen, uncut and exclusive action on Voot. #Splitsvilla12

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