Bitconnect Court Date Set! Trevon And Craig Afraid Of Prison! SEC Summons

Craig Grant and Trevon James are feeling the heat when it comes to the Bitconnect lawsuits! Trevon has been ORDERED to appear before the SEC (Securities and Exchange Commission) This video is an update on the Bitconnect lawsuit news. Contact me about crypto business ventures at Items That I Use In My Videos: Webcam: DSLR Camera: Microphone: Sweet Wall Art: Need a safe way to store your cryptocurrencies? Ledger Nano S is the safest hardware wallet on the market! Use the link below to learn more or buy one! Want Free Bitcoin? Signup for Coinbase with the below link and buy $100 worth of any cryptocurrency and you’ll receive $10 of Bitcoin for free! If you enjoyed this video, please consider giving this video a like and subscribing to the channel!

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