Dust Strom Latest news Breaking News. Dust Strom may affect UP, Delhi NCR, Rajathan in this time.

Video About ... Dust Strom latest news today Friends, let us know what the weather department is about today's storm Friends, if we talk about Delhi NCR, then there is a possibility of storm coming in at 11.00 am to 50 minutes in Delhi NCR. If you talk about the possibility of hurricanes coming to other districts including Bikaner in Rajasthan, at 8:48 pm If you talk about Uttar Pradesh and western Uttar Pradesh then this storm can occur at 8:30 School of Haryana will be closed for two days Between May 7 and 8, the typhoon government has decided that the state government and private schools will be closed in two days, in view of the weather department. Panchkula school will also be closed on Mondays and Tuesdays. Until late on Sunday night, the Punjab Education Department did not give any indication that it would follow the suit. Mohali school can not be closed on Monday. Friends, if you live in these states or if you are in any of these states, then please make this video available to that person so that they can be careful. Click on the red button below to keep an eye on the hurricane related news. Subscribe to our channel

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