Petrol Costs More Than Rs. 75 Per Litre In Delhi | Jordar News | Telugu News | hmtv

Petrol and diesel prices were hiked on Wednesday, a third straight day of increase. From 6 am on Wednesday, petrol prices were raised by 15 paise per litre in Delhi and Mumbai, 14 paise per litre in Kolkata and 16 paise per litre in Chennai, data from Indian Oil Corporation showed. Diesel prices were increased by 21 paise per litre in Delhi and Kolkata, 22 paise per litre in Mumbai and 23 paise per litre in Chennai. With that, petrol prices are at their highest level recorded since September 2013 while diesel prices are at their all-time high - meaning diesel has never been this expensive in the national capital before. #JordarNews #JordarVarthalu శ్రీహరిని చూసి బెదిరిన ఎద్దులు : Can Eating Eggs Everyday : JDS Ready to Form Govt With Cong: జేడీఎస్‌ మద్దతు కోసం బీజేపీ ప్రయత్నాలు: Yaddyurappa Meets Governor: Watch HMTV Live ► ► Subscribe to YouTube : ► Like us on FB : ► Follow us on Twitter : ► Follow us on Google+ : ► Visit Us : ► Visit :

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