BITCONNECT REMIX (warning: scam)

Video editing & music by me (placeboing) - Subscribe for more. Bitconnect was a scam - be careful what you invest in! Support me for free by trying out the Brave browser, which includes built-in ad blocking (personally, I use both this browser and Firefox): Other ways to support this channel: Bitcoin: 12tiaJiF7oihP1WoTG4Axea8AKcxWtDSpy Ethereum: 0x7756BdF1F4115C815bB7408BD02Da3bd83C5C63d Litecoin: LYaUWkManGcAwo5krF1H1hEaZT9sAZPoQr Patreon:

Tags : remix , mashup , cryptocurrency , bitcoin , scam , bitconnect , carlos , screaming , yelling , coin , conference , lending , exchange , lose , savings ,

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